restaurant billing software

This software helps you in easy management of your software.

Restaurant Billing software is a point of sale and inventory management software that manages each and every activity of your restaurant. This software helps you in easy management of your software. In early days a restaurant owner has to write down each and every thing on paper but these days software has changed entire activities of restaurant. You can easily operate your business from anywhere with the help of restaurant software. This software manages billing activity, table reservation, material management in the kitchen and many more. Software has changed the management system of restaurant business. This software manages everything and easily displays reports. This software keeps all the records and makes you aware about the scarcity of any product or anything.

Install & Activate

  • Download the zipped Files of Restaurant Billing Software.
  • Extract the files on your server.
  • Go to databse and Create a database for Restaurant Billing Software.
  • Import the SQL file into your database found with the zipped files.
  • Open config.php file found within the software files and change the database details.


  • PHP 5.2 or above
  • PHP environment


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Very flexible functionality. Fit to very wide range of business.
  • Viewing orders in the system, creating orders.
  • All Orders and settings are stored in your DataBase. You don't need third party account(s).
  • Responsive front end and back end design.
  • An easy to use Orders dashboard that displays orders For Today, weakly and monthly product selling.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely easy to use.

Restaurant Billing Software Features

Admin Panel login:
  • Admin may login into the Software with a secure user name and password.
  • Overview of total orders, pending orders and deliverd Orders for today.
  • Overview of product sale for today, product sale for a Week, product sale for Current month.
Menu List:
  • View Menu list.
  • Admin can add Food Category e.g breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Add Food Category:
  • Admin can add Food Category e.g breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Admin can update and delete Food Category.
Point Of Sale:
  • The screen is a simple screen where the Admin choose the menu and select the items to the cart.
  • Admin select the items and the items add within the cart on the right hand side.
Add Food Items To Cart:
  • By clicking on the menu list admin can select the items and add items to the cart.
  • The Price will be calculated per item and show the Total Price for the items added in the Cart.
  • Click "Place Your Order" to add Order in your Database.
Payment Detail:
  • After Clicking "Place Your Order", Admin can add the Customers information.
  • Admin can select the Payment type used by the Customer e.g Credit Card or Cash.
  • Admin can select Point of Sale e.g Shop or Phone.
Order Summary:
  • Show the Order summary.
  • Show the Payment information.
  • Admin can add the Order by clicking "Submit" or print the invoice by clicking "Print".
Order List:
  • Admin can change the status for the Orders e.g In Progress or Delivered.
  • Admin can search the orders by order Status.
  • Admin can Delete the unwanted or delivered orders.
Invoice List:
  • Admin can print invoice for particular Order.
  • Admin can search the invoices by Date.
Sales Summary:
  • Show the Sales Summary based on sales period.
  • Show the Hourly Product sales.
  • Show the Tax and Payment Source
  • Admin can search the Sales Summary by Date.
Search Orders:
  • Admin can search orders by Customer name, Orders Number or by selecting date range.
Shift Change Report:
  • Show the product sale Report by Shift Change.
  • Show the orders count and Cost for the product sale.
  • Admin can enter the Cash in Drawer for that Shift.
  • Admin can add and modifiy Profile.


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